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The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board administers the most far-reaching lobbying disclosure laws in the United States.  Unlike many states where lobbyists may routinely purchase meals and entertainment for officials, Wisconsin law forbids lobbyists and the organizations that employ them to provide meals, drinks, lodging, transportation, or other items or services to Wisconsin’s officials.  Wisconsin has expressly banned lobbyists from entertaining legislators since 1957. Wisconsin leads the nation in forbidding special interest groups from providing favors to elected officials.
Provided below are links to the Government Accountability Board's award-winning Eye on Lobbying web site, lobbying laws and related guidance, registration and reporting information for lobbyists and lobbying organizations, and information on available training for lobbyists and individuals representing lobbying organizations.

Eye on Lobbying Website

The Government Accountability Board maintains an online database containing the most complete lobbying information of any state in the United States. In 2012, the Board launched an updated version of the website that is more user-friendly and easier to search. Information is reported in real time, and is searchable by issue, bill, lobbying organization and legislative session. It displays every organization lobbying on a bill or legislative proposal, as well as how much time and money each organization puts into its lobbying effort every six months.

Register and Report

Organizations attempting to influence the legislature must register with the Board, and individuals lobbying on an organization's behalf must be licensed. Reports of their activities are required on a regular basis. Veterans may be eligible for a fee waiver.

Lobbying Activity Summary Reports

View Legislative Session Lobbying Summary Reports going back to the 2003-2004 Legislative Session. Cumulative data on principals and their lobbying efforts is also available in MS Excel format.

Legal Resources


The Board offers regular training opportunities for lobbyists and lobbying organizations. To access the Eye on Lobbying User Manual, click here.

Click here to access to the Lobbying Law - Chapter 13, Wisconsin State Statutes. (External link)

Click here to access Administrative Rule GAB 16 - Lobbying (External Link)

Click here to access Lobbying Guidelines 

Click here to access Lobbying Opinions

Click here to access the Online Lobbying Tutorial