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Government Accountability Board Forms - Campaign Finance

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Form Number Form Namesort icon Revision Date Link
GAB-11 Sponsoring Organization Campaign Registration Statement 2014/05
GAB-12 Sponsoring Organization Campaign Finance Report 2014/07
GAB-3 Special Report of Late Contribution 2014/05
GAB-7 Report of Independent Disbursements 2014/05
GAB-40 Registration of Nonresident Political Action Committee 2014/05
GAB-6 Oath of Independent Disbursements 2014/05
GAB-4 Conduit Special Report of Late Contribution 2014/05
GAB-9 Conduit Registration 2014/05
GAB-10a Conduit No Activity Report 2014/05
GAB-10 Conduit Campaign Finance Report 2014/05
GAB-1 Campaign Registration Statement 2014/05
GAB-2S Campaign Finance Report for State Committees 2014/05
GAB-2L Campaign Finance Report for Local Committees 2014/05
GAB-2SE Campaign Finance Report Excel Format - State 2014/05
GAB-2LE Campaign Finance Report Excel Format - Local 2014/05
GAB-2a Campaign Finance No Activity Report 2014/05
GABIS-10 Campaign Finance Checklist - Statewide Constitutional & Legislative Candidates 2014/05
GABIS-8 Campaign Finance Checklist - Municipal and School District Candidates 2014-08
GABIS-19 Campaign Finance Checklist - Multi-jurisdictional Municipal Judge Candidates 2014-08
GABIS-2 Campaign Finance Checklist - Judicial Candidates 2014-08
GABIS-4 Campaign Finance Checklist - County Nonpartisan Candidates 2014/08
GABIS-17 Campaign Finanace Checklist - County Partisan Candidates 2013/05